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Covid-19 Update: All Facilities Are Open!

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Men’s Drug And Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Coastline Behavioral Health provides clients with individualized drug and alcohol treatment programs that allow for addiction cycles to be broken once and for all. Our alcohol, behavioral health anddrug treatment programs are gender specific for male clients and each of our therapies focuses on providing men with solid, grounded recovery principals put into practice. These basic recovery principals provide opportunities for each man to develop skills such as teamwork, transparency, reliability, empathy, and humility. Depending on the level of addiction, and the time addicted, the specific treatment programs may differ.

The overall goal for all Coastline clients is freedom from the addiction strongholds and lifelong sobriety, enabling healthy, full lives. Drug and alcohol addiction alters behavior and will prove a detriment to every aspect of a client’s life. This includes all personal relationships, financial stability, gainful employment and overall health. The Coastline Behavioral Health men’s division is built on specific modality and drug treatment programs for men which allow our clients the best chance at meaningful recovery. Experiential Therapy is managed by a team of experts in drug and alcohol addiction and approaches each client as a whole.

Addiction Does Not Discriminate

For most individuals untouched by addictions, the ability to fully understand how drug and alcohol addiction develops is hard to grasp. There are many who assume that all individuals with addiction and abuse problems are lacking in self-control or stable living situations. The truth about how addiction evolves is very complex and is not fully understood, even by professionals. Addiction is a dangerous disease and must be treated as such. This means taking into account certain risk factors and other contributing issues. While many remain untouched by addiction, others are exposed to situations involving trauma and tragedy find themselves unable to process without extensive support. As many of us have experienced the pain of addiction, we are committed to helping you embrace recovery.


Strength Through Brotherhood

The likelihood of achieving and maintaining long-term sobriety increase exponentially when clients are focused on a single motivating goal. Much like soldiers in war conditions, our client’s battles with addiction are often fraught with self-destructive behaviors. The fight for sobriety is a serious one, and should never be taken lightly. Coastline Behavioral Health encourages a brotherhood that fosters teamwork when tackling addiction. We are here to help you gain long-term sobriety, and it is our goal to provide the best treatment programs for all of our clients. Addiction can create selfish attitudes and this can become a stumbling block, especially for clients feeling isolated in their recovery. Our goal is to provide each client with the skills and tools to be men of substance and stability. The self-confidence built is so vital to each man’s recovery journey and long-term success.

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