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Addiction Myths and Lies

About Addiction Myths and Lies

There’s a lot of false information and drug addiction myths and lies floating around. Such misinformation can be devastating and can dash a person’s dreams of beating their addiction. For those suffering from addiction, it is important for them to be aware of drug addiction myths and lies. If you or someone you love is suffering from addiction, the last thing you want is to hear the wrong information and lose all hope of successfully seeking Huntington Beach drug treatment and living a drug or alcohol-free life. Learn to recognize drug and alcohol addiction myths so that they will not have a detrimental effect on you or a loved one. Some of the most common myths are discussed below.

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All It Takes Is Willpower



It is a common misconception that anyone can recover from alcohol or drug abuse with willpower. This is a myth that will set you up for failure. It is almost impossible to overcome drug addiction with willpower alone. It is true that one must have a desire to quit using. There are actual neurological changes that take place that complicates the mental and emotional cravings that only drugs can satisfy. A person who relies on their own abilities to stop using can suffer dangerous effects of withdrawal. Therefore, seeking professional help in a Huntington Beach treatment program is the safest course of action.

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Addicts Are Mentally Unstable



It has been said that those who are addicted to drugs are insane, immoral or deficient mentally. This is a drug addiction myth that is simply not based on any type of reliable data. The fact is that insanity or immorality has no relation to drug addiction. Addictive substances, such as drugs and alcohol, create physical changes in a person. Anyone can become addicted. The stresses of life can get to be too much and the only relief one might get is the relief and escape provided by drug or alcohol use.



Drug Abusers Should Be In Jail



The lesson that drug addicts need to be taught is that drug addiction is a treatable condition. The addict needs to know they are worth helping because they can be successful. Rather than jail, an addict needs Huntington Beach drug treatment. Drug and alcohol abuse often leads to crimes. This may be the origin of the misconception that alcohol and drug abusers should go to jail to learn a lesson. Addiction is not a crime. It’s an unfortunate circumstance that can keep a person in its clutches. If an addict does end up in jail, the time spent in jail usually has negative consequences. In jail, the addict will:


  • Gain access to illegal drugs while in jail and continue to fuel their addiction


  • Learn how to effectively steal when they get out of jail, prolonging the addiction and becoming a high-cost liability to society through drug-related crime


  • Be forced to abruptly come off drugs or alcohol while alone in their jail cell, creating a dangerous situation

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An Addict Must Hit Rock Bottom



You’ve probably heard the expression that one has to hit rock bottom before they will change. This is not necessarily true. Because addiction worsens over time, it is essential that friends and family of the addict intervene as soon as possible. The longer they wait, the more difficult getting help for the addict will be.



You Can’t Force An Addict Into Rehab



While it is more advantageous if an addict seeks help on their own and enters a Huntington Beach drug treatment program, they can have the same success even if they were less than willing to enter such a program on their own. Addicts who enter rehab involuntarily may do so because they are under pressure from loved ones or they are ordered by a judge or military personnel. The outcome for these individuals is that treatment will help end their cravings and compulsions allowing them to evaluate their life and create a plan for a drug-free life.

Once you’re able to recognize addiction myths and lies, you will be better equipped to face addiction, whether it is your own addiction or that of a loved one. You will be able to understand your own worth and know that seeking Huntington Beach drug treatment can help get you back on track

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